Saturday, December 3, 2022

What you need to know when working with a new advertising provider


What you need to know when working with a new advertising provider.
Before displaying the code, it is very important to clarify the following things.

- Should a contract be signed, beyond the usual agreement?
With Google Adsense you don't sign anything extra, you give your consent, and I think this is the model to follow.
I am not against a contract if the conditions are extraordinary, for example it offers you a constant income or a very good CPM. But, I am against signing a contract that does not offer you anything, but only imposes obligations on you. Practically, only one party benefits from this type of contract and you are bound by this contract for a period of time.
ASK at the beginning about this type of contract and do not display anything until you have clarified the problem.

- Do I have to send an invoice to the supplier?
Big companies don't ask you for this, AdSense for example. With Adsense, the payment is made automatically on a certain date of the month. I think that's normal.
But there are companies that ask you to send them an invoice every month.
That is, at the beginning of the month, you receive by email the amount you have to invoice, you have to make an invoice with that amount and send it back. It's a waste of time in my opinion. Clarify this aspect before starting the collaboration.

- How is the payment made?
Some companies display a lot of payment methods, but at the time of payment they only offer you one possibility.
Be sure that the payment method suits you or is available in your location.
To emphasize the point, when you have serious doubts about the company you are going to work with, you could make or ask the company to make a small payment for verification. Just like Paypal, Wise, etc.

- When is the payment made?
This is only controlled by the supplier. Sometimes the payment is late, you don't have to panic immediately, but a delay that is too big or that happens too often is a question mark.

Do not collaborate with a supplier until you clarify everything. Do not display their ads because you will remain unpaid.


This is how a collaboration begins