Monday, July 19, 2021

A problem with the HTTP-POST method

Recently, I had a problem with the HTTP-POST method.
Speaking of a web page with a form included, every time I pressed the SUBMIT button, nothing happens.
I did NOT know what happened. I tried to use the PHP print () function to print the $ _POST variable, but the string was empty.
Then, I thought maybe there was a problem with the web server, so I contacted the company that hosts my site. I explained the problem to them and they sent me a screenshot. But, for them, that web page with the form and the Submit button, worked normally.
Then I realized that maybe the problem is caused by the Mozilla Firefox browser. I opened that web page in Google Chrome and I had no problem.
The fix came after I cleared the cache in Firefox. (Google Translate)

The POST request is not displayed.

After clearing the cache of the Firefox Mozilla browser.