Sunday, September 13, 2020

Internet Providers in Vancouver, BC 2020 / 13 September

Only monthly internet plans are listed.  Only cable internet plans are listed. The list below does not include very large companies such as Shaw or Telus. Please check their websites for the latest available offer.
Promotional prices are listed. Some companies guarantee that the price will remain unchanged for at least 2 years. The latest information can be found on the website of internet providers.

AEBC Internet Corporation

High Speed Internet 25Mb $34.95

High Speed Plus 75Mb $46.95

Cable Internet 150 $64.95

Cable Internet 300 $74.95

Cable Internet 750 $94.95

New Cable Installation + $78.00 (Waived if new to cable internet within the past 3 months!)

Transfer existing cable internet for free.

Bring your own modem


Rent modem for minimum $50 deposit + $4/m.

After 12 months, the customer keep the modem and stop paying the rent.


Altima Telecom

Unlimited Internet 30 $43.99 

Unlimited Internet 75 $49.99

Unlimited Internet 300  $80.99

Buy Hitron CDA-RES Modem for $69.99


Monthly Rental for $3.99

Activation or cable transfer start with $40 (on your first invoice).


CIK Telecom

Cable Express 30MB $39.99

Cable Express Plus 75MB $49.99

Cable Extreme 100MB $59.99 

Cable Ultra 150MB $69.99

Cable Ultra Plus 300MB $79.99

Free rental for MODEM

Possibly to have One Time Charge  $69.95 (first invoice)



Cable 750 Unlimited, $119.95 

Cable 150 Unlimited $79.95

Cable 60 Unlimited $64.95

Cable 30 Unlimited $54.95

Cable 5 Unlimited $38.95

Bring your own hardware OR 

Purchase the Hitron CODA-45 for $139.95 or rent-to-own it for $11.66/month for 12 months


Other internet service provider:
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