Saturday, November 29, 2014

Fight Anti Scam is another king of Scam

Have you ever heard about a website called Wyshity Affiliate?
This site provide lesson for the people which want to open online businesses

The site is split in 2:
  • one section for free
  • one section for premium members (they receive more Wyshity stuff)
I was curios, like many others, and I've tried to browse the Wyshity website.
It offer the posibility to open a blog and offer all the tools to help you in this action.

I followed the steps described in one lesson and I opened a website hosted on Wyshity platform (the lessons are very centrist and their role is to promote the Wyshity  site: comment others members posts, check one website from Wyshity network).

Of course, when something is free, the support is equal cu Wyshity, so I was surprised when I received the next email (comments are welcome):

Hi Wyshity Member,

Just wanted to send you another quick reminder.  The following domain will be removed in 5 days.

To free up room for those folks that are serious about creating a business online and for our newcomers, we are clearing up space on our hosting platform to keep it of the utmost quality.

If you are still using this domain and you want to keep this, that is no problem at all. You can absolutely keep this domain if you are interested by upgrading to our Premium membership which will allow you to retain this website and will also give you access to UNLIMITED websites and hosting within Wyshity Affiliate (plus everything else you need to run a successful business online).

Learn About & Upgrade to Our Unbelievable Premium Membership

This is something that you may want to consider if you are still serious about creating a business online.


Wyshity Koy
Co-founder of Wealthy Affiliate

 My conclusion:
  •  If you dont upgrade, you are of nothing...