Saturday, June 14, 2014

TownScape USB Anti-Virus 2014

Company name: Snappersoft Inc Website:
Country: South Africa Author email:

Program name: TownScape USB Anti-Virus 2014 Version: 4.8
Release (MDY): 8/5/2014 Cost amount: 29.99$

Type: Trial Status: New Release Install: Install and Uninstall
Operating Systems: WinXP,WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Win2000,WinOther,WinServer,Win98,Win95,Win8
Languages: English,Zulu

Size Bytes: 2992308 Size KB: 1916 Size MB: 3
Has expire information: Y Expire count: 15 Expire base: Days

Change info: Added ability to learn from the environment and know viruses the second time it finds them or their running copies, Added a new trick of viruses that fool windows by using the windows VB script engine,Improved AVHT engine efficiency, Solved problem where there was a clash with Avast if installed in the system,Added ability to: detect & remove virus created shortcuts/files; unhide permanently hidden files; perform real-time protection; allowed customization of interface;added ability to fix virus created registry damage from system tray,Improved windows 7 support, added virus blacklisting, improved virus detection algorithm,changed and improved user interface, Made user interface interactive, Improved virus detection, reduced trial period from 30 days to 15 days, fixed minor bug in AVHT Engine, added new virus tricks for more efficient detection, added live customer support and facebook networking for bug reporting and comments, Added Snappersoft USB Healer as a bonus free tool, Made many technical changes to Engine and User Interface increasing speed and reducing RAM consumption, Improved Windows 8 Support
Category: class and subclass: Security & Privacy::Anti-Virus Tools
Specific Category:
Requirements: RAM: 20 MB CPU: Pentium III Hard Drive Space: 10 MB

Keywords: Antivirus,Drive Antivirus,USB Antivirus,no updating,USB Protection,Protect USB,USB,Removal,lightweight, fast,background,behavior,heuristics,virus hunter

2000 character description: TownScape USB Anti-Virus is a lightweight background anti-virus that was created primarily for Memory Sticks/Memory Cards (But not limited to) that is built on the ideal of not needing to be updated and being different in its operation. Since most viruses infect your computer through Memory Sticks/Cards, it will prove very effective at solving the virus problem that has existed for way too long now without someone finding a better solution rather than the traditional anti-virus need-to-update method, which when not followed gives the user a false sense of security and makes his/her computer more vulnerable and thus spreads viruses even more. TownScape uses a blanket algorithm and probability to find viruses using their general modes of operation. This is not a virus scanner, it is a virus hunter!

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Distribution permissions: This software should be distributed as FREE shareware without any charges to the user and no tricks should be used on its download link for popping up ads and other means of using tricks to gain financially on the unwitting downloader.