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Program name: SerialSniffer Version: 6.05
Release (MDY): 04/01/2014 Cost amount: 0$

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Operating Systems: WinXP,WinVista,WinVista x64,Win7 x32,Win7 x64
Languages: English

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Change info: smaller debugs
Category: class and subclass: Network & Internet::Network Monitoring
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Requirements: none, physical serial ports recommended

Keywords: sniffer, serial, virtual, com, comport, port, ethernet, network, log, logging, logfile, terminal, exchange, test, record, recorder, playback

2000 character description: SerialSniffer is a tool to visualize data, which are exchanged over the serial ports (i.e. RS232 or RS422). SerialSniffer gives you the possibility - to have a deep view inside the data. The data stream, which is exchange on the serial ports, is visualized by SerialSniffer. You also can determine which data comes from which port. - to log the data stream - to tunnel the serial port through the network - to exchange dedicated data parts from the data stream - to search for seldom data - to open a terminal dialog - to use symbols instead of raw data SerialSniffer is very easy to use! Simply choose the type of connection (serial, network or virtual serial port), the parameters (i.e. baud rate) and open the connection. Not only the standard baud rates (like 9600 baud) but also user defined baud rates can be used. It is also possible to translate between different baud rates, as both comports can be configured independently. Comport names up to "Com256:" are supported to use SerialSniffer on systems with a lot of serial ports (provided by additional adapters, IRDA, Bluetooth etc). The complete configuration will be stored automatically on closing the application. The user can also store it in customized files to re-load it for recurrently tasks. The SerialRecorder gives you the possibility to store the data stream of an external device in a file and do a playback later. This can be compared with using a traditional tape system for the data. The timeline (including the pause between data blocks) will also be stored in the file. In most cases, an external device communicates with an application running on the PC. To get SerialSniffer inside the communication channel, the easiest way is to use the virtual serial port provided by SerialSniffer to which the existing application can connect. Therefore, only one physical serial port is needed. FAQ:

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