Monday, June 2, 2014

My diploma - Optimizing AdSense

Welcome to Optimizing AdSense

Hi Tiberiu,
This email confirms your registration for Optimizing AdSense! Learn how you can make simple changes to increase your AdSense revenue and grow your business in our self-paced online course.
Our course content will be available for you to access beginning on May 20, 2014. There are 3 units in the course, each divided into short lessons that include activities for you to practice what you learn. There is a Pre-Course Assessment for you to see what you already know and a final assessment to test your knowledge of all the concepts covered.
If you have questions or feedback during the course, please post to the course forum once the course officially opens on May 20th.
We look forward to your participation in Optimizing AdSense!
Happy Optimizing,
The Google AdSense Team