Thursday, June 19, 2014

M8 Free Clipboard

Company name: M8 Software (i) Website:
Country: United Kingdom Author email:

Program name: M8 Free Clipboard Version: 19.11
Release (MDY): 05/17/2014 Cost amount: 0$

Type: Freeware Status: Major Update Install: Install and Uninstall
Operating Systems: WinXP,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinOther,Other,Win98
Languages: English

Size Bytes: 6319104 Size KB: 6171 Size MB: 6.03
Has expire information: Y Expire count: Expire base: Days

Change info: New Paste menu allows combinations of clip and clip name or clip and clip source.
Category: class and subclass: System Utilities::Clipboard Tools
Specific Category:
Requirements: -

Keywords: clipboard,multiclipboard,multi-clipboard,multi clipboard,screeen shot,screen capture,screenshot

2000 character description: CLIPS - M8 is the simplest of all multi-clipboard and screen capture programs. Just have it running minimized and it captures everything you cut or copy from other programs. It keeps up to 500 clips. When you want to paste one back, all you have to do is restore M8 and click on the clip you want. When you move the mouse over the clips, you can see them in the viewer. If the clip is text, you see several lines and if it is a graphic, you see a thumbnail. - SCREEN SHOTS - To capture the entire screen press Prt Scr. - To capture the active window press Alt+PrtScr - To capture an individual graphic from Internet Explorer or AOL, point to the graphic, right click and select "Copy" from the drop down list. M8 also allows you to paste your digital photos directly into the body of Outlook, Windows Mail, Mozilla and other email programs.

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