Monday, June 16, 2014

Java Antidecompiler

Company name: BIS Guard & Co. Website:
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Program name: Java Antidecompiler Version: 7.5
Release (MDY): 04/22/2014 Cost amount: 74.50$

Type: Shareware Status: New Release Install: Install Only
Operating Systems: Java
Languages: English

Size Bytes: 247808 Size KB: 242 Size MB: 0.24
Has expire information: N Expire count: Expire base: Days

Change info: Drag-n-drop is added
Category: class and subclass: Security & Privacy::Other
Specific Category:
Requirements: JRE 1.6 and later

Keywords: obfuscator, java, swf, antidecompiler, java code protection, software licensing, software cracking, code cracking, against cracking, against software piracy, software plagiarism, software security, Yury Bendersky, digital content protection

2000 character description: Java Antidecompiler is a small, reliable, and inexpensive java anti-piracy software. Well suited for protecting desktop applications, code protection, licensing, digital content protection, and many more. Starting with version 6.4 it runs also as a console application. Java Antidecompiler is based on encryption technology that allows you to protect your java applications from decompilation, reverse engineering, and plagiarism. This encryption is keyless, i.e. isn't hardcoded and thus can't be hacked by decompilers or byte-code viewers. This technology is not an obfuscation that just tries to make your code unreadable. It is encryption on binary level. This means that not only variables, string constants, and workflow are protected but your code is completely encrypted and hidden both from hackers and from your customers. With Java Antidecompiler you don't loose control over your code. It assures integrity of your Java projects and your development cycle is not changed after protection including debugging process. It is 100% pure Java and runs on any OS with installed Java Runtime Environment. Java Antidecompiler doesn't add any records to Windows registry or system files in other OS and doesn't use native libraries. It provides protection without any customizations, we believe that code is or protected or not, and level of protection is nonsense. This is a very efficient solution to prevent your Intellectual Property from being stolen. Java Antidecompiler protect ALL data containing in your jar and should be added to your java development tools. You can download trial version of Java Antidecompiler (without a serial number your protected jar will be watermarked), but if you are pleased by its abilities, you can purchase a serial number for the very low price. The trial version is locked with the same algorithm that is used by Java Antidecompiler itself.

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