Sunday, June 8, 2014

Home Bookkeeping for Android

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Program name: Home Bookkeeping for Android Version: 5.2.128
Release (MDY): 03/01/2014 Cost amount: 4.95$

Type: Shareware Status: Major Update Install: Install and Uninstall
Operating Systems: Android
Languages: English

Size Bytes: 1740800 Size KB: 1700 Size MB: 1.66
Has expire information: Y Expire count: 30 Expire base: Days

Change info: New program
Category: class and subclass: Home & Hobby::Personal Finance
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Requirements: Android 2.1 and up

Keywords: personal finances,finances,expenses,incomes,home finances,debt,spending,money,management,saving,budgeting

2000 character description: You say you don't have the discipline to control your budgeting? You tried various paper planners and electronic spreadsheet programs just to give up after a few days? Don't panic! With Home Bookkeeping, it's a snap! It's your chance to finally become a savvy spender and protect yourself from the danger of debt. Unlike the usual paper and electronic spreadsheets, Home Bookkeeping from Keepsoft is your personal financial secretary and advisor. It won't let you forget about your budget. It will pop-up on schedule recording all your money transactions. After recording your bills, your credit card statements, your checkbook register and receipts for your groceries (and more), you will be able to start planning your budget, cutting your variable spending, and optimizing your fixed costs (by refinancing your mortgage, for example, to get a lower interest rate.) Home Bookkeeping is a complex accountancy solution for both a personal computer and a mobile devices with a built-in system for synchronizing data between computers. Home Bookkeeping has all the necessary features to help you calculate and analyze your cash flows. A built-in reporting engine helps you to focus on various aspects of your budgeting. Graphical diagrams make it easy, even for non-experienced users. Income and spending planners will help you to stop wasting money and to start saving.

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Distribution permissions: Home Bookkeeping 5 Copyright (C) 1998-2013 Keepsoft ======================================================== "Home Bookkeeping" is intended to keep the books of your finances. Using "Home Bookkeeping", you can keep the books not only of your private finances, but of your family and a small company too. "Home Bookkeeping" is easy-to-use and does not require any special accounting skills or knowledge, yet it is a powerful, functional and flexible bookkeeping tool. Home Bookkeeping has the following features: - Multi-user support. Many users can use Home Bookkeeping, each logging in using their own username. To ensure privacy and security, a username can be protected with a password. Adding/editing/deletion of users is handled through the User Manager - Expense record keeping - Income record keeping - Made/repaid debts records keeping - Partial debt repayment - Interest rate - Debt repayment monitoring - Debt reminder feature - Drawing up the expense/income budget - Expense planning - Income planning - Accounts - Up to five different currencies supported - Currency exchange - Data import from Microsoft Excel files - Data import from QIF files (Quicken Interchange Format) - Search - Filtering and Quick Search - Export data to fifteen various formats - Transferring/moving data - Synchronization with Home Bookkeeping installed on another computer - Synchronization with Home Bookkeeping installed on a mobile devices - Backup copies creation - Database compression - Database clearing - Print - Reports and charts creation - User interface settings - Auto startup schedule manager - Program update via the Internet ============================= WWW: