Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Codelobster PHP Edition FREE Version 5.0.2

Codelobster PHP Edition FREE Version 5.0.2 is available for downloading from: http://www.codelobster.com/download/CodelobsterPHPEditionSetup.exe 

What's new in this version?
  • RTL languages (including Arabic and Hebrew) 
  • Laravel plug-in: 
  • Autocomplete for class methods after @ 
  • Autocomplete for Facades Highlighting for Blade templating engine 
  • Autocomplete for Blade directives 

Bugs fixed:
  • Autocomplete for nested functions 
  • Autocomplete for class constants 
  • FixedSys fonts Scrolling with mouse wheel 
  • Tooltips for images 

The full list of features is located here: http://www.codelobster.com/details_phped.html