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Virtual PDF Printer

Company name: Wondersoft Website:
Country: France Author email:

Program name: Virtual PDF Printer Version: 3.0
Release (MDY): 05/10/2013 Cost amount: 89$

Type: Shareware Status: Major Update Install: Install and Uninstall
Operating Systems: Win8 x64,Win8 x32,Win7 x32,Win7 x64,WinServer,WinVista,WinVista x64,WinXP,Win2000
Languages: English

Size Bytes: 1450852 Size KB: 1416 Size MB: 1.38
Has expire information: Y Expire count: 15 Expire base: Days

Change info: Support Windows 8 64-bit and Windows 8.1 x64
Category: class and subclass: Graphic Apps::Converters & Optimizers
Specific Category: PDF
Requirements: At least 64 MB RAM

Keywords: PDF, virtual, printer, convert, generate, conversion, generation, downloads, download, Web site, freeware, driver, acrobat, reader, windows8, JPG, JPEG, DOC, word, business, solutions, services, software, utility, shareware

2000 character description: Virtual PDF Printer simplifies the process of creating PDF document on Microsoft Windows 32 bit and 64 bit. Usually PDF documents are created by specific PDF composer software. However, it might be time-consuming compared with the alternative approach, which creates PDF documents from other file formats. Virtual PDF Printer serves as a real printer to convert anything printable to PDF. The printer is a high quality PDF generator with high printing resolution, PDF document information creation, PDF content encryption with passwords protection, PDF access control, PDF scaling, PDF version and compatibility control, font embedding options and more. Virtual PDF Printer is an affordable and effective solution offering dynamic generation of PDF documents, conversion to PDF from almost any file format and from nearly all Windows applications. The purpose of Virtual PDF Printer is to create PDF document with full options from any other file format printable with a simple click on "Print" in Windows applications. With Virtual PDF Printer, it is easy to create PDF documents from Word, Excel, PowerPoint, WordPerfect, Photoshop and other Windows applications. Virtual PDF Printer natively supports over 5000 file formats and customers wouldn't expect anything less.

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