Tuesday, April 29, 2014

REFOG Terminal Monitor

Company name: REFOG Website: http://www.refog.com/
Country: United States of America Author email: submit@refog.com

Program name: REFOG Terminal Monitor Version:
Release (MDY): 03/31/2014 Cost amount: 199.95$

Type: Shareware Status: New Release Install: Install and Uninstall
Operating Systems: WinServer
Languages: English,French,German,Italian,Japanese,Polish,Portuguese,Spanish,Ukrainian

Size Bytes: 4826112 Size KB: 4713 Size MB: 4.60
Has expire information: Y Expire count: 30 Expire base: Days

Change info: Changes: 1. New: Recording Skype audio calls. 2. New: Capturing Webcam Shots. 3. Windows Server 2012 R2 support. 4. Added Active FTP support for log delivery. 5. User Interface fixes.
Category: class and subclass: Security & Privacy::Covert Surveillance
Specific Category:
Requirements: 15 Mb for installation and 1Gb of for recordings

Keywords: surveillance software, computer surveillance, digital surveillance, computer monitoring software

2000 character description: A surveillance software to monitor employee activities on the Terminal Server, prevent security problems and dictate how much time the users spend for work and for leisure. Ensuring staff compliance is the primary task of REFOG Terminal Monitor (http://www.refog.com/surveillance-software.html). Tracking and recording what, when and how has been used while connected to the Terminal Server allows administrators manage users more effectively. REFOG Terminal Monitor logs all activities of Terminal Server users, allowing administrators to monitor user obedience to coorporate rules. The available time monitor tracks how much time the users spend in front of their PC, while the application tracker records which programs were used and for how long. The chat control module logs all chats occurring in popular instant messaging programs such as ICQ, AOL, MSN and Windows Live! Messengers. Finally, full keystroke recording gives system administrators the possibility to see what the users were typing while connected to the Terminal Server. In keystroke monitoring, all languages and encodings are accomodated, including hieroglyphs, left-to-right and right-to-left, Arab, Hebrew and Cyrillic among many others. REFOG Terminal Monitor helps prevent security leaks by immediately telling administrators when the users type particular key phrases. The alerts can be sent immediately by email if the user types one of the words or phrases from a pre-defined list. All users can be monitored individually. Thorough or filtered log views are available, allowing glancing at a summary of user activities or looking into a specific issue in full detail. Printable HTML reports are aslo possible. The logs can be helpfully stored on the Terminal Server, emailed, or uploaded to a remote location over FTP. Built-in access rights management restricts log access to authorized staff only. It is possible to set up a password to protect access to the log files.

Application info URL: http://www.refog.com/terminal-monitor.html
Ordering URL: http://www.refog.com/pricing.html
Icon URL:
PAD file URL: http://repository.appvisor.com/app-460005fcd6a6/site-00bc1adafe1/lng-eng/REFOG_Terminal_Monitor_pad.xml
Download primary URL: http://monitoring-software.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/terminal-monitor.exe
Distribution permissions: This product can be freely distributed through the Internet. To publish it on a CD, please contact info@refog.com